Camille’s 3rd Journal-Events

        One October day I arrived at Honey Dew Acres for a riding lesson. It began like any other evening. Me and my riding friends got tacked up and headed out to the cross-country course where our lesson would be taking place. A good friend of mine named Lauren was riding her newly found companion, Guido. Guido was tall, athletic and had the spirit of a warrior. Lauren would be competing him in the show that coming weekend.

            As our trainer, Emily appeared in the field she had us each warm up our horses, then begin a course full of unique, solid cross-country jumps. When it became Lauren and Guido’s turn to show off the pair confidently began riding towards the first, 2’11” jump of their course. After the first couple of jumps went by, Lauren soon found herself circling Guido to slow his enthusiastic pace. All of the sudden Guido’s back legs collapsed from beneath him, plunging himself and Lauren to the ground. As Guido landed on his side, he pinned Lauren’s leg between his massive flank and the ground. As Lauren struggled to get free Guido’s legs thrashed uncontrollably. Lauren finally escaped as Guido’s movement slowed. She staggered away from the horse, hysterically screaming his name.

            Minutes after they rest of the lesson group returned to the barn, it was announced that Guido had died. It was later discovered that he suffered from an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. Though Lauren was truthfully told that this inevitable event could have unfolded at any time, the trauma was enough to shake her to the core. Luckily it only took her a little over a week to get back in the saddle.

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